1st Seminar of CAMKAA, Report

Report of 1st CAMKAA’s  Seminar

Seminar Report

on “Exchange Experiences of the Cambodia Korea Alumni Association”

At Imperial Hotel, Phnom Penh

On August 29, 2008

1- Introduction

As program, workshop on the Cambodia Korea Alumni Association (CAMKAA) was held half day on Friday, August 29, 2008 at Imperial Hotel, Phnom Penh to review and collect suggestion from the workshop in order to provide more knowledge to the former trainees and share know-how and experiences which they have participated the training program in Korea through supporting from the Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA).This workshop also promote the result of five (5) topic researches, which use as reference to Cambodia government officials to enhance all the fields in these projects

The workshop was organized by Cambodia Korea Alumni Association (CAMKAA). The workshop was attended by some 09 ministries with 70 attendees. Workshop attendees were asked to celebrate this kind of workshop again.

Executive summary

  • The workshop was implemented according to plan.
  • The experiences shared at the workshop, – through presentations and through a discussion – were inspirational and highly appreciated by the participants.
  • The workshop was instrumental in strengthening partnerships among 9 ministries in Cambodia.

2- Purpose of the workshop

The main focus of this union is to renew our acquaintances, to share our valued experiences and knowledge in Korea among KOICA fellows and Cambodia officials and to promote mutual and friendly relationship and partnership between Korea and the Cambodia and to establish a multilateral network of specialists from many disciplines, professional fields, institutions and agencies who have been beneficiaries of KOICA-sponsored scholarship and training programs.

The workshop focused on Rural Community Development, Road Infrastructure, Gender and Women’s Affairs, Save Electricity and Human Health Care. The all five topics were related from one to one topic. All participants were very delighted.

3- Objectives of the workshop were to:

The main goal of this workshop is to share experiences among members from one filed to another field and from one ministry to another ministry

4- Outcomes

The workshop was organized according to plan. The participants had many questions and showed an enthusiastic interest in their experiences. The discussions continued after finishing each presentation and at the end of 5 topics presentations.

5- Media:

1- Local Newspaper:

Rasmei Kampuch Daily, Vol. 16, #4682, Sunday-Monday, Aug. Sep. 2008

Title: “The Cambodia Korea Alumni Association held the workshop for

exchanging Experiences”

2- Local Television:

TVK (Television Kampuchea), National Television of Cambodia

Broadcast on Saturday, August 30, 2008 (19:00) and broadcast on Sunday,   August 31, 2008 (12:00)