News Release

I- Press Release By CAMKAA:

2009 (Jan. ~ Dec.):

2009-09-11: KOICA held a Second Seminar for exchanging of experiences
2009-09-07: PRESS RELEASE(CAMKAA 2nd Seminar, September 11, 2009)
2009-01-02: Brief Report on CAMKAA

2008 (Jan. ~ Dec.):

2008-09-11: KOICA held a workshop for exchanging of experiences

2007 (Jan. ~ Dec.):

2007-12-26: Report on the Election of the Executive Board of the First Mandate

II- News Release from Local Newspapers:

2009 (Jan. ~ Dec.):

2008 (Jan. ~ Dec.):

2007 (Jan. ~ Dec.):

III- News Release from Local Televisions:

2009 (Jan. ~ Dec.):

2008 (Jan. ~ Dec.):


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