General Congress

I- 1st General Congress (First Mandate)

When we got the approval to official open the association from the Ministry of Interior of the Kingdom of Cambodia on December 20, 2007, we held the 1st general congress to elect CAMKAA executive board members on December 22, 2007.

The result is as follows:

1- Prof. Chhour Y Meng as President

2- Mr. Seng Setha as Vice President

3- Mr. Sok Tha as Secretary

4- Mrs. Teng Youky as Treasurer

5- Mr. Peou Da as Auditor

6- Mr. Hang Seiha as Public Relation Officer

7- Mr. Lim Samon as Division Director

8- H.E. Mrs. Chan Sotheavy as Division Director

9- Mrs. Bunchhit Veasna as Division Director

Kindly click on each sentence to see more details information:

II- 2nd  General Congress (Second Mandate)

We will celebrate the 2nd general congress to elect the official board members of this association on December, 2010.

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