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Kingdom of Cambodia

Nation Religion King


Constitution of

The “Cambodia- Korea Alumni Association”, “CAMKAA”

Article I


1. Name:

The Association shall be entitled the “Cambodia- Korea Alumni Association”, “CAMKAA”.

2. Status

The “Cambodia- Korea Alumni Association”, “CAMKAA” (hereinafter referred to as “the Association”) shall be social, cultural, and academic community, which is not political or aimed at gaining financial profit.

3. Objectives

The objectives of the Association shall be:

a. To promote fellowship and cooperation among the participants of the Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) sponsored training programs in the Republic of Korea;

b. To enhance continuous partnerships between Korea and Cambodia;

c. To facilitate the sharing of knowledge, skills and resources among KOICA training graduates by organizing academic activities such as conferences, symposiums and forums; and

d. To extend widespread exemplary services for the public good.

4. Activities

The Association shall endeavor to attain its objectives by:

a. conducting meetings, exhibitions, lectures or seminars;

b. publishing journals/newsletters and electronic media such as: Internet, email, blog…etc.

c. organizing study tours either in Cambodia, Korea and other countries

d. performing voluntary activities for the public; and/or

e. formulating programs in other ways as the Association may deem necessary.

5. Location

The registered office of the Association shall be the regional office of the Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. House No. 50-52, St. 214, Sangkat Boeung Raing, Khan Daun Penh, Phnom Penh.

This address is just the temporary location and it can be changed at any time when CAMKAA is officially established.

Article II


6. Eligibility

5.1 Any Cambodian nationals who have previously attended training courses provided by KOICA are eligible members to the Association.

5.2 Applications should be submitted to the Executive Committee of the Association with the entrance fee of five thousand Riels (R 5000.00) enclosed. The application shall be approved by the Executive Committee.

7. Types of Membership

a. General members: Membership shall be open to all KOICA Alumni from Cambodia

b. Associated members: Any Korean or Cambodian national who have made remarkable contributions to the bilateral cooperation between Korea and Cambodia is given the status of associated member.

C. Honorary members: The Executive committee may offer honorary membership to designated persons in appreciation for their efforts to within the Association.

8. Duties and Responsibilities

7.1 Every member shall perform all the duties and bear the responsibilities decided by the Association to fulfill the objectives of the Association.

7.2 Every general member is obliged to submit an annual membership subscription fee of ten thousand Riels (10.000 R) to the Treasurer of the Association before the first day of January every year in order to sustain their membership.

7.3 Associated members and honorary members’ status shall be determined by the Executive Committee.

9. Termination

Members shall be terminated either by death, withdrawal or expulsion.

a. Withdrawal: Any member desiring to terminate his/her membership by withdrawal shall submit a written notice to the Executive Committee, and the Committee shall issue a clearance within fifteen (15) days upon the receipt of the written notice.

b. Expulsion: If a member commits any act prejudicial to the interests of the Association, his/her membership may expelled by the Executive Committee.

Article III

Executive Committee

10. Constituents

9.1 The Executive Committee (hereinafter referred to as “the Committee”) shall be the top executive and administrative body of the Association.

9.2 The Committee shall be elected at an annual meeting of the General Assembly by a majority system (50+1), and shall operate for three (3) fiscal years.

9.3 The Committee shall be comprised of nine (9) of the following members:

a. President (1)

b. Vice President (1)

c. Secretary (1)

d. Treasurer (1)

e. Auditor (1)

f. Public Relation Officer (1)

g. Division Director (3)

11. Function and Authority

10.1 The Committee shall exercise its power and shall perform its duties as

referred by the General Assembly and by its constitution.

10.2 The Committee shall prepare an annual budget and administer all finances.

10.3 The Committee shall issue or dismiss membership.

10.4 The Committee shall prescribe all fees and/or charges

10.5 The Committee may create sub-committees or particular projects/activities with members of the Association.

Article IV


12. Annual Meeting of the General Assembly

The General Assembly shall consist of all members who paid an annual subscription. The annual meeting of the General Assembly shall be held once a year on a convenient date called upon by notice of the President to all members at least two (2) weeks before the meeting. The quorum for the meeting shall be a majority of the general members present.

The meeting shall be presided over by the president of the Committee. In case of his absence, the vice president will substitute. In the absence of both President and Vice President, the Secretary will chair the meeting.

The following shall be conducted:

a. Reading of minutes of the last Annual Meeting and approval thereof;

b. Report from the Treasurer;

c. Report from the President on annual plans;

d. Election of the Executive Committee (every three years);

e. Announcements on the results of the election.

13. Meeting of the Executive Committee

12.1 The meeting of the Committee shall be held once every three months with at least (50+1) of the members present for each meeting

12.2 The President will chair the meeting. In the case of his absence, the vice president will substitute. In the absence of both president and vice president, the meeting will be chaired by the Secretary.

14. Other Meetings

Any extra-ordinary meetings may be called for when the need arises, or upon a motion by at least twenty-five percent (25%) of members of good standing, to discuss issues that are relevant to the objectives of the Association.

15. Voting

Voting shall be by a secret ballot. Every member in good standing is entitled to one vote, and he may vote either in person or by proxy. The designation of a proxy shall be in written and be reported to the president before the scheduled meeting.

Article V


16. Provision of Funds

Funds for the Association shall be derived from entrance fees, annual membership subscriptions, funds provided by KOICA headquarters, and additional assessments of members, gifts, donations, fund-raising activities and investments, if any.

17. Depository

Funds for the Association shall be deposited in one or more banks or trust companies determined by the Executive Committee. Bank accounts shall be operated jointly by the President and Treasurer. The Committee shall decide the manner in which receiving, depositing, disbursing or withdrawing funds are made.

Article VI


18. Amendments to the Constitution

This Constitution may be amended in whole or in part by a majority vote of the members at any special meeting.

19. Dissolution

The Association may, upon approval by (50+1) of the members, be dissolved and the funds and belongings thereof disposed of in any manner decided at a special meeting.

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