Minute of First CAMKAA Meeting

Minute of
First CAMKAA Meeting
Date                : February 18, 2012
Time               : 9:30~11:00 am
Venue             : KOICA Cambodia Office
1. Ms. KEO Mom : Vice-President
2. Mr. LY Savuth : Secretary General
3. Mr. HEAN Davuthda: Public Relation Officer
4. Mr. IN Sovanpol: Coordinator, KOICA Cambodia Office
1- AOP (Annual Operation Plan 2012)
2- Field Trip
3- Pending Job 2011
4- Others
1) Annual Operation Plan: Board Members agreed to conduct the meeting 4 times per year (workshop is Included) as follows:
Second Meeting: May 19, 2012
To discuss the preparation plan of Workshop in August
To discuss the field trip in June or July 2012
Third Meeting: August 11, 2012 (workshop)
Fourth Meeting: November 17, 2012
To discuss the preparation and tentative program of Annual Reception in December 2012
Note: Annual Reception: Friday, December 28, 2012
2)      Field Trip: Board Members agreed to do the field trip in June or July, 2012 with plan as follows:
–          Print CAMKAA T-shirt for resisted members to wear during the field trip
–          Visit to Solar Hybrid Project at Koh Slar, Kampot Province or Join with KOV Program (Confirm with M.Telecommunication)
–          Visit the Training Center in Kampong Speu Province (Be Confirmed)
–          Visit to Korean Optic Wire Factory in Phnom Penh
3)      Pending Jobs: Board Members agreed to follow up the pending job in 2011 as bellows:
–          ID Card for members
–          Arrange focal points in relevant organizations
4)      Others:
–          Preparation budget arrangement
–          Preparation of Financial Statement
–          Preparation of Internal Regulation
Note: CAMKAA Board Members plan to organize the meeting on Week day Evening (After Working Hour) so that all the Board Member can attend.
Approved by                           Checked and Reviewed by                    Prepared by
Ms. KEO Mom                       LY Savuth (Mr.)                                  IN Sovanpol (Mr.)
Vice President                         Secretary General                                Coordinator

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